Space is the Place is my independently run, migratory performance art/event series, devoted to using temporary vacant space as a sign of our times.


#1 "Soundtrack for a Lapdance", J. Morrison
#2 "Pod", Maria Chavez and J. Morrison
#3 "Midnight Showing", Maria Petschnig
#4 "Soundtrack for an Apocalypse", J. Morrison
#5 "How to Draw a Quarantine", J. Morrison and Jamie Stewart
#6 "Easter Glamour Portrait Studio", Grant Worth with Chris Garneau, J. Morrison, and Phiiliip
#7 "Pod II", Maria Chavez and J. Morrison, HomeBase Residency, New York, NY
#8 "Empty-ness", Society for the Advancement of Inflammatory Consciousness
#9 "Fuck Architecture", Curated group exhibition by J. Morrison: Matt Azen, Erik Brown, Bureau V, Jennifer Harmon, Jon Heimdahl, Wendy Klein, David Kuykendall, and Matthew Radune/Logan Billingham
#10 "Vito Acconci Seedbed", J. Morrison
#11 "Killer Workout", Debbie Attias
#12 "Photoshoot with J. Morrison", Joel Jägerroos
#13 "You are the Present", J. Morrison
#14 "Soundtrack for a Lapdance II", J. Morrison
#15 "Bodywork (inside)", J. Morrison
#16 "Let’s Paint the Town Red", Juan Betancurth and Aaron Caramanis
#17 "Bodywork II (roof)", J. Morrison
#18 "Easter Glamour Portrait Studio II", Grant Worth
#19 "Portraits, Landscapes, and Isolated Monsters", Joel Adas curated by J. Morrison
#20 "Whale Lore: A Guided Imagery Program", Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff
#21 "A Midsummer Night's Wet Dream", Curated group exhibition by J. Morrison: Juan Betancurth, Richard Haines, Nelson Santos, Jamie Stewart, Grant Worth
#22 "I Found the Afterlife", J. Morrison
#23 "Pop Up Pop Shop", J. Morrison
#24 "Soundtrack for a Lapdance III", J. Morrison
#25 "Easter Glamour Portrait Studio III", Grant Worth
#26 "Pop Up Pop Shop II", Curated by J. Morrison: Joel Adas, Maria Chavez, Ben Hall, Birdsong, Mirror Mirror, Julia Norton, Joe Parlett, Straight to Hell, Hideki Takahashi
#27 "Prototypes for the Dream (1.2.3)", George Venson
#28 "Sessions", Christopher Clary
#29 "Easter Glamour Portrait Studio IV", Grant Worth
#30 "Soundtrack: 3 Movements", J. Morrison
#31 "Twice in a Blue Moon", J. Morrison, LIC Space

Performers/collaborators include: (in show order)

J. Morrison / Ryan Mendenhall / Maria Chavez / Michael Kimmins / Maria Petschnig / Jamie Stewart / Grant Worth / Chris Garneau / Phiiliip / The Society for the Advancement of Inflammatory Consciousness / Matt Azen / Erik Brown / Bureau V / Jennifer Harmon / Jon Heimdahl / Wendy Klein / David Kuykendall / Matthew Radune / Logan Billingham / Debbie D / Joel Jägerroos / Juan Betancurth / Aaron Caramanis / Joel Adas / Cyrus Saint Amand Poliakoff / Ben Hall / Birdsong / Mirror Mirror / Julia Norton / Joe Parlett / Straight to Hell / Hideki Takahashi / George Venson / Christopher Clary